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Approved Experiences was designed by and for people who believe that a luxurious lifestyle should have no limitations. Whether it's providing our customer private air travel, luxury foreign cars, or grand yachts for a special occasion, we deliver the highest quality services and provide unparalleled access to leading hospitality and travel experiences.

Approved Experiences strives to deliver top-tier luxury experiences with great care and attention to detail - ultimately providing more value to our clients. Live your life how you want with Approved Experiences.


Top of the line Luxury Services


Exotic Cars

Elegance in Motion

At Approved Experiences, indulge in the epitome of automotive luxury with our handpicked selection of exotic cars. From high-performance sports cars to elegant grand tourers, our fleet promises an unforgettable driving experience. Elevate your journey with us, where luxury knows no bounds.

Luxury Yachts

Yachts, Beyond Dreams

Sail into opulence with Approved Experiences and our luxury yacht collection. Redefining maritime indulgence, our curated selection includes sleek, contemporary designs and classic, elegant cruisers. Cruise in style with us, where the seas become a canvas for unparalleled luxury.


Premium Villas

Serenity Beyond Compare

Discover unparalleled luxury with Approved Experiences' premium villas. Nestled in exclusive destinations, each villa offers a private sanctuary with state-of-the-art amenities and breathtaking views. Elevate your retreat with us, where luxury meets tranquility for an extraordinary experience.

Private Jets

Luxury Above Clouds

At Approved Experiences, our private jet charters redefine the air travel experience. Swift, stylish, and exclusive, our cutting-edge fleet ensures personalized journeys for business or leisure. With global access, we elevate travel standards, offering unparalleled convenience and privacy. Choose us for private jet charters that make every flight an epitome of luxury and efficiency.


Digital Concierge

Seamless Luxury Assistance

At Approved Experiences, our digital concierge redefines personalized luxury. Using cutting-edge technology, it effortlessly caters to your needs, from curated travel itineraries to instant reservations. Whether arranging exclusive experiences or managing your schedule, our digital concierge delivers a new standard of convenience and sophistication. Experience personalized luxury at your fingertips with our digital concierge.


The Approved Experiences

Mobile App

Luxury at your fingertips. Available now in the Apple app store and coming to Google Play store 2024.

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