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Exotic Car Rentals FAQs

How much does it cost to rent a car?

24-hour rental prices range from $299 up to $19,999.

Is a security deposit required?

Yes, we place a pre-authorization on your credit card  ranging from  $1500 to $5000 (dependent on the choice of rental car) for any incidental damage that might occur during the rental. Any minor damages will be billed to your account directly through the original payment card used to complete the reservation or  can be covered under a full coverage insurance policy.

*Supplemental Damage Waivers are available*

Do I need to have a drivers license to rent a car?

Yes. You will need proof of a valid driver's license to rent a car through Approved Experiences. 

How many miles are included with my rental?

You are allowed up to 100 miles per day and will be charged $3.00 per additional milage. Pre-purchasing mile bundles comes with a discount.

Is my reservation time, vehicle make/model, price, or availability guaranteed?


Although we strive to maintain our 99% perfect track record for reservation accuracy, however, we rely on the previous renter to get to our location safely. Unfortunately,, sometimes accidents/delays do happen, sadly, booking a rental with Approved Experiences does NOT guarantee your vehicle selection, make & model, time frame, price, availability,, or any other detail.

We reserve the right to amend your reservation at any time, with or without notice. (But we will always do everything in our power to ensure you have the BEST POSSIBLE experience.

What is the refund policy?

All cancellations, regardless of reason, can only receive a maximum 60% refund. We strictly adhere to this policy.

*Drivers who appear intoxicated, hungover, or unfit to drive will be allowed to transfer their rental to a different, safer time slot based on availability.

Absolutely no refunds are given to impaired drivers at our full discretion. The safety of others is our top priority.

Can I pay with prepaid debit cards/gift cards?


All payment cards must have a chip and be attached to a bank account matching the name on your rental agreement.

How early should I show up for my rental?

Please arrive at atleast 20 minutes before your rental start time.

Is there any additional or hidden fees?

No, if you’re over 21 and have full coverage, there is no hidden fees. We offer insurance products that are NOT mandatory and you can choose to decline/accept them.

Do I pay any additional taxes?


All taxes are included in our pricing

Is there any penalties for late returns?


Returning a rental late will result in penalties + proration time.

Why do the brakes squeak?

Some of our cars use factory-stock carbon ceramic racing brakes. Carbon ceramic brakes tend to squeak very loud when cold.

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